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Troubleshooting - My new webform contacts are not receiving my automated campaign emails

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 15, 2015 22:35

1. Have you checked that in your webform Step 7 you have linked up to your automated campaign? If not simply action that and save your webform. That change will then be live for your new webform sign ups.

2. Have you included the Email opt in field into your webform? You can also customise the wording from "Email opt in" to your own preferred choice e.g. "tick to receive our email newsletters"

3. Have you checked that that their email address is valid? You can edit that and then re-enter them into your automated campaign funnel.

4. If certain individuals contact you to say they've not received your automated emails and you check the View Report and it shows that it has been sent to them ask them to check their local spam/junk folders. Also you could advise them to put your sending email address into their safe senders list (or equivalent).

5. Have you linked your webform to a group? Its a good idea to do that because you can easily monitor who/how many new contacts have come to you that way. Also to set up email notification when someone submits your webform.

If you're still having problems then raise a support ticket to us and we'll take a look into this with you.