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My webform isn't showing my basic automation to link with?

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 09, 2015 22:53

You may have started a basic linear automation and now you need to link to it from your webform to enable an immediate email to be sent with important marketing information. BUT when you edit your webform the basic automation is not visible in the box of automations to link with?

A: You need to re-build your automation as a linear advanced, then it will appear available to link with from your webform.

Now new sign ups from your website will be auto-fed into your automated campaign and will receive your great marketing messages!

Webforms can now only link with advanced automation since June 2015

The system has now changed its interface since June 2015. All of its features are mainly the same but with just a different feel and the way certain procedures work. All webforms now cannot be created with 'Basic Automation'. It can only be made with 'Advanced Automation'. 

To do this, it is the same procedure as before. When you click on Automation, you will immediately see at the top of the page where it says 'Advanced Automation'. Follow the same steps by clicking on create new automation. 

On the next page, you carry on with the same procedure of filling in a name for your campaign. Once the campaign is created, you can add a webform to your campaign. The webform can be obtained by going to the top of the page where the main menu is and simply hovering over 'Setup & More' menu will give you a drop down menu. 

Click on 'Webforms' and you will be able to create the webform which you will then be able to link to your campaign. on the next page, you will see the available campaigns for you to link it with. 

Simply click on the available campaign name and it will move to the box that says 'Selected Campaign'. Then just click on 'Save & Continue' to proceed tot he next stage. 

The next step is where you can add certain fields where if you wish for the recipients to fill in either name, email, or town and you can make this mandatory by selecting what field you want added then just click the add button. 

The next step allows you to select the users or additional email addresses you would like to receive a notification when a contact completes your form.

Then finally you can view your form and you can either select the 'Automatic Form' or the 'Manual Form'. If you don't know HTML, we recommend that you use the 'Automatic Form'.