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Troubleshooting - I can't find a way to filter out my active recipients from an email campaign?

Last updated by Sam Brown on July 07, 2015 22:46

Once you have sent your email campaign it is imperative that you monitor your recipient activity, in order to follow up their level of interest and engage with them further. You can do this for one-off email campaigns and also for email steps within your automated campaigns.

So how do you easily filter out your active recipients and out them into a group, ready for further marketing?

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Open your email report then click on the Activity tab.

2. Look for the Open count column and the filter key just to the right of it.

3. Set the filter to greater than. (nothing apparent seems to happen yet)

4. Insert a 1 (one) into the Open count box (the filter will now begin to work)

5. Click "Select All" button (top left of screen)

6. Scroll down the page and click on your preferred action e.g. Add to Group (existing or new)

7. You now have a new group to build with your marketing. (you may wish to repeat the above for the Click count also)