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Troubleshooting - I need to divide my group into sub-groups, but can't find how?

Last updated by Sam Brown on July 03, 2015 14:39

You may decide that you need to divide an existing group of contacts into "sub-groups" or new groups. InTouch does not have sub-groups as such but you can quite easily create new groups from an existing group. Here's how...

1. Go to Contacts > Groups and view your group. Then export to csv (bottom left of screen).

2. Then you can copy/paste your spreadsheet into new smaller spreadsheets, one for each new group, ensuring that you save them as .csv file types.

3. Then for each new group you need to action an update import of contacts:
In the top section match your Contact ID field to Contact ID in our drop-down menu on the left. You may also wish to match First Name and Last name.
Then below the field matching in the Duplicate Processing section tick the Update option and Contact ID as the unique identifier.
Then in the Groups section tick the New Group option and type the name of that new group.
Proceed to complete each import.

That's it! InTouch will find your existing contacts from the Contact ID field and not duplicate them AND will put them into the new group.

If you have any further questions about this please raise a support ticket to us.