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Troubleshooting - My report found no contacts

Last updated by Sam Brown on July 02, 2015 23:19

  1. Have you checked you have someone that you know matches the criteria? Sometimes it is always advisable to ad a test contact which matches the criteria you are about to search, or have searched and it has returned no one. That way you can test the system to make sure it is picking that one person up. If it does, then you might no have anyone else who is selected with those options
  2. Have you tried taking it back to basics? By this I mean, if you are trying to run a complicated report with lots of options, sometimes if you build it step by step IE One option and then run the report - see the results before going back to edit the results, using the preview is key here.

If you are still returning no results on a report, please raise a support ticket, noting down everything you are trying to search on