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Troubleshooting - Why am I not receiving the email approval emails?

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 16, 2015 22:11

An essential part of setting up your account and operating your email marketing is adding at least one email address (you can add up to 10) to your Email approval list via Email > Email approval.

Just add the email address and the name of the email address (the name is also important as it can be seen by your email recipients). Then an automatic confirmation email is sent to that newly listed email inbox, for you to click to approve.

However occasionally you may find that you are not receiving that confirmation email? If so read on...

1. Check your local spam or junk folder. If you are webmail hosted then log in to webmail and check the spam folder. If you use Outlook for example (cascading down from webmail?) then check your junk folder.

Still not finding your confirmation email?

2. Re-send confirmation email and check your inbox and if required your spam/junk folders.

Still no luck?

3. Add:this email address to your safe senders list or equivalent, and re-send confirmation


If you still have problems raise a support ticket to us and include the email address you need approving.