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Troubleshooting - Why can I only see Name field and not First Name, Last Name in my import?

Last updated by Sam Brown on July 07, 2015 22:47

If you are looking to import Contacts but find that the drop-down field matching list starts with Name, then read on...

1. You are in the Business dataload process where the Name field matches your company name in order to bring in your companies as Organisations.

2. Simply exit this Business dataload process and begin again from Contacts > Import Contacts > Import Contacts button.

3. You will now find that you have the Contacts related fields on the drop-down fields on the left which include First Name, Last Name, Email address etc and your contact custom fields below the InTouch default contact fields.

4. Please note that if you wish to bring in your companies as Organisations then follow that with your import of contacts, within which you can link your contacts with those pre-loaded Organisations, then action the New Business Data Load first, followed by your Import Contacts. The Import Contacts button is always above the New Business Data Load button.

If you have further questions about this please view our Support site first then if required raise a support ticket to us. Thanks.