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Troubleshooting - Why can't I add an image into a system template?

Last updated by Rich Orr on September 29, 2015 14:43

You may be trying to add an image to a system template and when you click on the image box nothing appears to happen? Read on for the solution...

1. In all probability your image browser is already open. Look to the foot of your screen and look for a duplicate image browser icon. Just click on it and your image browser comes back to life and you can browse and upload your image and insert it into your campaign.

2. If you can't see a duplicate image browser icon then just click on the one you can see and the chances are that will cascade the other icon into view.

3. If 2. does not work for you then click on your browser icon's drop down arrow to see the 2nd row of icons and your image browser icon should be there.

If you have any further questions about this just raise a support ticket to us.