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Troubleshooting - why can't I add this contact on?

Last updated by Rich Orr on March 03, 2016 20:55

You may have occasionally found it frustrating that you've been unable to add a particular contact on to our account.

You fill in the relevant fields including email field and you try to save but it doesn't save and perhaps you don't know why?

A: check your Archived contacts tab and search for them there. If you find them then tick the box to restore them. then you can edit their fields further if you need to and save them again.

But what if you can't find your archived contacts tab? That means that you are not the master user on your account.

So what do you do next? Ask your master user to send us a support ticket to request that you are also made a master user (if they are happy with that) and once we make you a co-master user you will be able to see the Archived contacts tab within your Contacts module.