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Troubleshooting - Why can't I find a contact by email address, as I know they've been added already

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 16, 2015 22:28

You may have tried searching for a contact's email address via the quick search box but no contact is revealed to you, yet when you try to add a new contact into your account with that email address you get the message that the email address is already in use? Confused? Then read on for the solution...

1. Try searching for that email address via the 'Advanced search' option (top right of screen). This can be found by going to the 'Contacts' first. Any luck? If no...

2. Ask your master user (perhaps that's you?) to look in your 'Contacts' module at the 'Inactive Contacts' tab and search for them there? Success?

3. Then all that is needed is to un-archive the contact record to bring them back into circulation again!

If you have further questions about this then please raise a support ticket to us. Thanks.