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Troubleshooting - Why can't I log in to the system?

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 02, 2015 12:09

Your password may be invalid or your account may be suspended because of a failed payment, so here's some helpful questions to help you resolve this:

1. Have you clicked on the link to request a new password on the login page? "Forgotten your password? Click here and we'll create you a new one"

2. If you have actioned point 1. have you received your new password? If yes then carefully copy/paste your password to log in and then change it immediately you've logged in, via My Account > Personal Details. Be careful not to copy any spaces either before or after your auto-generated password.

3. If you have actioned point 1. but have not yet received your password then check your local spam/junk folder. If you have a webmail hosted email system then you may need to check both your webmail spam folder and your email client junk folder e.g. Outlook junk.

4. If you have checked point 3. but still haven't found your login details email then contact our Support team.

5. If you have received your new password but are still failing to log in, in spite of following the advice in point 2. then contact our Support team. It could be that your account payment failed overnight and we can help you to resolve this situation.

For any other enquiries about your login password please contact our Support team by Support ticket or telephone.