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Troubleshooting - Why can't I send a contact an SMS?

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 07, 2015 22:10

  • Have you got the mobile phone number for the contact? In order to send an SMS you need the mobile phone number for the contact in order to send them a message first.
  • Have you ticked the box for SMS? As with emails, in order to send someone an SMS, you need to have permission. This is added to the system with a simple tick against the contact record in their Comms Preferences .
  • Are you communicating with a Country outside of the UK? When adding phone numbers to the system, if you leave off the "0", which is normally taken off from the csv file, the system will recognise the country and add the correct country code before sending. We have tested this in numerous countries around the work from the USA to Australia.
  • Have you got enough credits? With emails you get a monthly allowance but SMS's are an additional purchase, in order to send an SMS you need to have credits first. To purchase these, simply go to My Account > Payments and Credits

If you are still having issues with sending an SMS, please raise a support ticket