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Troubleshooting - Why Can't I send my group an email

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on September 17, 2015 20:13

  1. Have you checked - that the contacts within the group have email addresses? 
  2. Have you checked - that the contacts with email addresses are ticked to receive emails from you IE that they have email permission against their contact record. If you find that several contacts in the group don't have the right contact preferences, you can quickly and easily run an Update Many to add the preferences in - click here to find out more 
  3. Have you checked - that the contacts haven't been added to your suppression list? The Suppression list is found under Email and shows you all of the people who have opted out (through unsubscribes and complaints) or bounced from your email

If you are still having an issue selecting a group to send an email, or any communication to, please raise a support ticket