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Troubleshooting - Why is my re-sized email image not behaving?

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 12, 2015 13:03

You may have been having a problem with your image showing as you require within your email campaign, so here's some helpful guidance:

1. Check your Image size. For an image banner (full width of email campaign) keep to a max of 600px, which is the max width we advise for all campaigns. To check our image box sizes in our system templates simply right click and view image properties. Then check how that matches your image size. If your image is slightly larger than the image box don't worry. Our system templates are designed to be robust and to contain sightly over-sized images. If your image is significantly larger then try to re-size it without losing quality. You can re-size it in Paint for example, before bringing it into your image browser and then into your campaign.

2. Is your image in a web-friendly format? Examples include Jpg, Png, Gif, Bmp and Tiff. If not then re-save it.

3. Are you using a Free-Form template? Perhaps you are trying to re-size your image inside your image browser? if that has not worked then it would be best to re-size it outside (e.g. in Paint), then to try again.

4. Is your image large enough to fill the image box? If not then your image will still show but take up less space than the space available.