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Benefits of using webforms

Last updated by Brandon Hewitt-Hunt on April 03, 2019 14:34

1) Customers like being given options:

Allowing  your customers to choose the contact method they prefer, (web forms in this case) will avoid frustrating your customers when their preferred method is not available. As if a customer is frustrated, they are more likely to leave.

2) Forms are Trackable:

In order to measure the effectiveness of your website, you need a way to track activity. Web forms give you this ability. By setting up an integration with Google Analytics, or even using our web form reporting feature in In Touch you are able to track how many people visited the page your webform is based, and of those individuals, how many actually filled out the form you've created. 

3) Very convenient!

Web forms are the most convenient way for your customers to contact you as they do not even need to leave your contact page to reach out to you. This increases the chance that your customers will spend further time on your site after they have contacted you.

4) Improves retention rate

This will boost the retention of your customers by encouraging return visits. Once people have actually invested some time in filling out your form, they are far more likely to return to your website to see if you've responded or just generally check on the website for any updates.

5) Get the data you actually need

Web forms are unique as they give you the ability to control the type of information you collect from your customer. By providing specified fields and choosing which of these fields is required, you ensure that your web visitors are giving you the information you need. This saves your database being overloaded with irrelevant information and allows you to easily see what data a customer has against them when you go to contact them in the system.

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