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Why use a Calendar

Last updated by Sam Brown on November 04, 2016 13:06

The Calendar is a critical business tool, it's an easy way to keep you focused and more importantly, organised when it comes to getting your various jobs done, whether that is for work, family or even your social life. Knowing what you need to do and where, is key, but the days of carrying around a paper based calendar/diary are long gone - Online Calendars are the future!

Not only are they accessibly from everywhere - sat at your desk on your computer or even on the move from your smartphone, you can simply log in and find out where you should be and when (it's always good to turn up to meetings at the right place and time! :) ) but then having it linked to your contacts to then know who you are meeting and giving you the chance to see the bigger picture of your previous meetings, contact history and notes.

Having that information at your finger tips can make the difference between winning and losing a deal and it all starts with having the appointment booked into your calendar set up and in use.

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