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Summary of Email Report

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on November 07, 2016 16:04

Not only are you able to send an Email Campaign from the system but you are able to report on them. This is key when it comes to your next marketing move - as you are able to segment your contact data with regards who clicked what link, who opened which email and who didn't - this will really help you to drive your sales and know which product or information will work best for each individual customer. 

Overview - this shows you the an instant graph and key statistics of important information such as Deliverability and click through rates. Email Clients - If you wanted to know which email client your campaign was opened in you are able to, this if you wanted to could help you if you wanted to design emails around the most popular. 
Activity - Do you want a detailed breakdown of the campaign? Who did what and how many time - well this is where you are able to see this as well as regrouping, exporting and filtering. Inactive - You may have some people who have opened the emails but those who haven't are equally important as it will give you some vital tips on how to better market a campaign or whether they were put in the right group. 
Bounces - Here you are able to see who bounced and which type of bounce it was. This is useful to know, so that you can remove, amend or contact those individuals to see if they have got a new job, still wanted information etc. - it keeps you data clean and statistics looking healthy. Unsubscribes and Complaints - This will let you know of any customers who have either unsubscribed or marked your email as spam. 
Opens - We like to think this is an extremely clever tool for email marketing as it allows you to see when your emails were opened, how long after you sent the campaign as well as how many times it was opened. Content - This allows you to see which Email Campaign it was referring to. 
Clicks - If you have added URL, document or any type of link in to your email campaign, here you are able to see which links got clicked and how many times... you can even create a lead or group your contacts who have shown certain interests to really help build your profits. ROI - This links directly to Google Analytics, so it will pull through the information from each campaign and allows you to estimate the value of that email campaign.