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How do I avoid creating duplicate Organisations?

Last updated by Adrin Siripala on March 21, 2018 10:09

You may well be deciding to bring in your company names as Organisations, then to follow that with an Import of Contacts within which you want to link up your Contacts with those pre-loaded Organisations.

You have just the one .csv file (Excel?), with multiple entries for some company names, as some of your companies have more than one contact listed.

So before you import your Organisations via a Business dataload you are wondering how to avoid bringing in duplicate Organisations?

A: having saved your "master" .csv file, remove the rows which have duplicate company names and re-save as a different file name.

You now have 2 files: 1 for your Business dataload (each company name only listed once), and 1 for your import of Contacts (master file).


  • Within your Business dataload match your company name field to our "Name" field.
  • Within your import of Contacts match your company name field to our "Company" field and don't forget to tick the box at the bottom left of the imports screen "Link to Organisation"

    Click here for our Import Contacts guide