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How to import organisations

Last updated by Matthew Ruddle on August 14, 2017 14:07

If you have a Spreadsheet (CSV File) with lots of Organisation Details (e.g. Company name, address, telephone) which you would like to upload to the system, then you can... you can even link to those imported Organisations with the relevant Contacts to allow you to use the system to communicate to them. (this is particularly useful if you have several contacts working for the same company)

This is how you do it:- 

Find Organisations within the system (this is located within the Contacts Section) and then Options > Import Organisations:

Scroll down the screen and then click on Import Organisations and then follow the 4 steps through.

Then you will need to follow a number of steps with in the system to allow you to successfully upload your Organisation information. 

By the way if you multiple entries for some companies within your spreadsheet (which is fine for your import of contacts) then you will need to de-dupe BEFORE the import of Organisations, to avoid duplicate organisations being created.

Once you have saved your spreadsheet file in the right format, you are able to upload it to the system by pressing Browse and adding the right file to import and select the relevant options. 

Header Row - this is whether you have a title row in your CSV file. 

Delimiter Character is on most occasions a Comma, which is why it is set as default. 

Once you are happy press, upload. 

Now you will need to add a reference and map across all the fields to the relevant places, to do this all you have to do is select the relevant options from the drop- down menu.  Once you are happy with all of the Field Mappings you will need press Import to start the upload.

Please Note!

 Company Name on your file must be matched to "Name" at the top of the drop-down options. This is useful to remember.








Post Code



Alt Telephone





Actual Customer?

You're nearly there, so now all the system will do is give you an overview of the upload to show you which records were successfully loaded in to the system - if there were any issues with the upload, you are able to click on the information and see what the error was. 

Once you have pressed Finished, you will see an overview of all the Organisation imports you have done. 

N.B. If you plan to follow your organisation import with an import of contacts, please click to find out more about Importing your Contacts