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Creating Surveys

Last updated by Rich Orr on July 26, 2016 16:48

Surveys are great at finding out exactly what people think about your Organisation as well as the products and services that you provide. Surveys provide a vital business perspective plus they are a really inexpensive way in which to get business advice and new ideas! 

There are two ways in which you are able to send a Survey, either a Plain Text one or one using our Email Template system. The main difference in these two surveys is the look and feel to your recipients but essentially both do exactly the same - collecting and evaluating your customer opinions or answers although the Plain Text Survey doesn't track who has opened it, when they opened it and all that useful email report information. 

Here are some short overviews and snippets on how to do this:- 

Plain Text Survey

So, now you would like to start building your survey! To do this just go to the Survey Section (located on the left side of the system). Once you are in there click on "Create New Survey". 

You will then meet with the screen shown below, just fill in the relevant information ... we have added helpful hints and information into this section to explain what each of the fields do.

Just a Couple of Quick Tips! 

Although it is a survey you are creating, it is still sent out via Email. So for the subject line think of something which will encourage your customers to open it and take part in it. Click here for some helpful hints on Email subject lines. 
And if you would like some hints on how to set up approved email addresses, please click here.

For a plain text email address, we suggest to write a Personal Message and a Thank you message here which will invite your customers to take part in the survey. However, if you are wanting to create a HTML Survey, please leave this part blank! 

Finally, before you move on to building the questions, you can decide if you want to include a data capture form. When creating a survey within the system, you get a link to a web url which allows you to post it onto Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Adding in the option for data capture, means that any one who completes the web version is invited to give you their details - if they already exist in the system or have been sent the email version, it counts against their record.

Then you will need to start populating the Questions:

then proceed to adding Contacts (make sure that your survey contacts are contact preferenced for Email) and then you are ready to send it. 

For further and more detailed information on how to create a Plain Text Survey please click here


HTML Survey & Linking it to an HTML Email

If you'd like to send a more branded and traceable survey to your customers that you are able to track, you can! So all you have to do is to create an HTML email template:

By proceeding with this option you will see that a drag & drop email template has been created for you with the embedded

%SurveyLink% tucked behind the Begin Survey button:

You can edit the Survey title text if you wish and then proceed to adding Contacts then Review & Send. You can either schedule your survey send or send immediately: