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Web Forms

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 02, 2016 15:58


Web Forms are a great way in which to entice people to your business through your website page, social media and blogs. They enable customers to register their interest in your product, your knowledge and advice - this to us sounds like a win win scenario... a quick and simple method to get not only new contacts but capture those hot prospects in to your net!


Essentially Web Forms allow your customers to register to your company for information, offers, newsletters, events or even if they just want to contact you for further information etc. You are able to collect as much or as little information as you need to allow you to really segment the information to enable you to create campaign to really target the interests of your customers, we think you'd agree for example -  if you are a dog owner and someone sends you an email about cat products, you will be less likely to register an interest and more likely to unsubscribe or ignore their emails in the future. 

So be specific and target those who have truly shown an interest - listen to your customers for they hold the key to success as Jim Rohn famously stated 

"We must first master the art of listening before our spoken words will have any great value to others"


Here is a collection of guides and tutorials. Don't forget that you can easily link your webform to an automation, thus keeping a seamless flow to adding your new prospects into a group, creating a task, creating a lead, sending emails etc

Creating Web Forms

Seamless Marketing: Web Forms & Automated Emails 

Essentials for Success: Web Forms & Automated Emails