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Custom Fields

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 02, 2016 12:25

To ensure that you are organising your data to get the best results to allow you to report on it and segment it for your marketing campaigns, you have a number of custom field options available to you. (Contacts > Custom Fields)

Drop Down List 

This allows you to have a single drop down menu; it shows you all of the options that are available to you but allows you to only select one of those, at any point in time.

Radio Button 

Here you are able to select one option from a number of values you have added using a button field. 

Multi- Select Checkbox

You are able to select a number of options from the relevant list you have created, at the same point in time.


The Date custom field is structured in the dd/mm/yyyy format.


This field enables you to save open text - so whatever is typed in to the field it will show on that contact's record. 


An int (integer field, or number field) means that you can add in a numerical value into the field. This also means that you can't then combine numbers with normal text characters or special characters such as commas, colons, etc If you need to combine then use a Text field.

Cascading drop down 

You have to think carefully before using the cascading drop down fields and try to ensure that these 2 and 3 level cascading field types do match your business structure well. So if your custom  fields are well met by the other field types above, then why use cascading ones?

Well some sectors are well suited to cascading levels e.g. sports leagues are well suited as you can wrap up the League name, Club names and Player names into one cascading field. An example could be favourite League player.

Please Note! 

That if you need to add a number of options, please remember to edit those options within the main Custom Field Section otherwise you will not have the relevant options available to you. 

Now you have set up your custom fields they can be used for several purposes including adding a contact; contact dataloading in bulk; reporting: including custom reports; including in Web Forms.