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Seamless Marketing : Web Forms & Automated Campaigns

Last updated by Rich Orr on April 03, 2019 14:34

“Marketing In Your Sleep”

We like to make swooping statements, to think outside the box and come up with new ways to engage our customers –we love nothing more than making our customers happy and helping them along their way to success!

So here’s a secret…

Webforms and Automated Campaigns

Yes, this is one of our theories to marketing made easy, so easy you can do it in your sleep – sounds über ideal, doesn’t it? Well, before we sound like we are talking a load of codswallop, here’s why, what and how – to help you along the way.


The ultimate reason you would use webforms and Automated Campsigns together is to attract and build your relationship with your customers; thanking them for showing interest in your company, keeping them informed with the latest announcements, updates, discounts, new products, events etc – the world is your oyster, so choose your marketing strategy and run with it.


Webforms are subscription boxes that you can add to your website, social pages or blogs, they allow you to collect new subscribers and add them to the system to enable you to keep in touch. And if you link an Automated Campaign with an automated email or task sequence it will make it a seamless process.

Essentially, you will be ‘hitting the ground running’ even whilst sleeping, making a cuppa or sunbathing on a beach - your customer will be guided through the tour of your company and the message you would like to relay in an automated and efficient manner. 


Here is a collection of guides and tutorials.(once your automations are built and started you can link them to a web form)

Creating Webforms

Creating an Automated Campaign

Essentials for Success