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How to Navigate through the system

Last updated by Rich Orr on November 02, 2016 13:20

There are a number of elements and functionality to the system where you are able to manage the day- to- day running of your business, whether it is doing your marketing campaigns through either Emails, SMS or even Letters, storing your Contact or Organisation information, following your Sales and Leads or managing your Automations. 

We thought it would be useful for you to see and know what each of the elements of the system will help you, so here's a quick list with definitions.

The Left Hand Menu
The Top Tool Bar 
Home  - This is the main dashboard, where you are able to see any widgets that you have set to pop up and your tasks and events on your calendar. 

Contacts - Here is where all are able to upload and store all of your contact details, record any interactions with them and add documents, create groups, create organisations and see customer service tickets. Oh and see your inactive customers. 
My Account - if you want to change your personal details, upgrade or amend your account, add a new user or even buy more credits - this is where you do it. You can also view your invoices and integrate with other systems...
Tasks - Sometimes when there is so much going on and business is busy, we may forget tasks that we have to do, whether it's calling a customer or following up on a payment - well creating tasks are a great way to never forget who, what or why.

Calendar - Not only does this area show you any tasks you have set yourself or your colleague but it allows you to create events to remind you of any important meetings (which even sends alerts to you if you want it to). 

Email - You have a message and you want your customers to hear about it, learn about it and ultimately buy in to it... here is where you are able to send them those informative messages and even track and start segmenting your contact data through the reports which you will find in this section. Alternatively, you can create a sequence of messages and tasks through using our Automated Emails functionality. 

SMS - Here you can use the system to send a SMS Message to your customers, whether it's an offer, remind them of an appointment or even see whether they are attending an event and want to know numbers. This is where you do it! 

Surveys - Want to know what people truly think? Create a survey and send it to them or add it to your social media - this is where you create it.  

Social - Nowadays, a great marketing tool to gain more views and customers is to be as active and visible to people, social media is a great way to do this. Here you are able to manage and update your social media accounts without having to log out of the system. Simply integrate with Buffer first...

Letters & Labels - Whether you have a quote you wish to send, newsletter or information you are able to create professional and quick letters and even labels using InTouch. 

Leads & Sales - Manage your sales pipeline could not be easier, here you are able to record leads with crucial information, expected close dates and costings. 

Reporting - Want to communicate to certain groups or individuals with set criteria, contacts linked to businesses or just want to know which contacts haven't been assigned a group. The reporting section allows you to do this and much much more.

File Manager - Here you are able to upload and save important files to the system, whether it's one you wish to send in an email campaign, linking it to a contact or is a process all of you should be aware about. Add it here and never misplace it again. 

Support - Want to learn more about the system, here you are able to access our support site or if you have a question for us, an issue or an enhancement you think would be useful for us to know you can raise a support ticket... this is where you do it!